Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Germanium Hydride
      Germanium Tetra-ethyl
      Germanium Chloroform
      Germanous Fluoride
      Germanic Fluoride
      Hydrofluogermanic Acid
      Potassium Germanifluoride
      Germanous Chloride
      Germanic Chloride
      Germanium Oxychloride
      Germanic Bromide
      Germanic Iodide
      Germanous Oxide
      Germanous Hydroxide
      Germanic Oxide
      Germanous Sulphide
      Germanic Sulphide
      Germanium Ultramarine

Germanium Ultramarine

When germanium oxide, sodium carbonate, and sulphur are fused together a blue colour results. This is probably due to the formation of germanium ultramarine, an analogue of ultramarine in which GeO2 takes the place of SiO2.

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